Justice 4 Housing

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Formerly incarcerated, advocates and community allies with aligned spirit and goals. We operate from a people led process to organize for the abolishment of discriminatory federal, state and local housing policies. We address the root causes of recidivism in correlation to homelessness; delivering holistic and community-based solutions.


End housing discrimination and homelessness of Justice Involved individuals and creating a more comprehensive and humane system that will, reduce recidivism, and end incarceration of women and girls.

“Our team, along with a host of allied partners are working hard to implement concrete measures to fight for justice in housing…..” 


A world where justice-involved individuals have homes, equity and access to resources, funded and supported by the community and stakeholders. Additionally, the end of incarceration of Women and girls.


“Justice 4 Housing’s Founder, and Executive Director. Leslie Credle is leading the crusade to dismantle antiquated and discriminatory housing policies that target justice-involved individuals that leads to homelessness, recidivism and the separation of families.

Leslie is the creator of the Hands-On-Defense model, which mobilizes communities to fight housing injustices. Committed to mentoring and movement building, she created a network of directly affected Peer-Leaders who educate communities about the collateral consequences of incarceration and housing insecurity. 

The recipient of the Criminal Justice Policy Coalition’s 2021 Peg Erlanger Leadership Award, presented by Congresswoman Ayanna Presley, and Boston Women’s Foundation’s, Women of Color Leadership Circle’s, 2021 Fellow, she became a fierce leader in the movement to end incarceration of women and girls. Leslie is passionate about creating homeownership opportunities and building generational assets and equity in minority communities.
Raised in Boston, her lived experience and the loss of her beloved daughter, Brianna became the inspiration for her systems-change work and social-justice advocacy. She has a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems from Northeastern University and is on the National Council For Incarcerated and Formerly Incarnated Women and Girls, #FreeHer Advisory Committee.”

“There is no other grassroots re-entry housing organization like J4H in the Commonwealth that is founded by us, led by us and for us.

Hear from Our Constituents

 All in all, starting from scratch struggling to obtain stability for me and my growing family as a citizen returning back into society, proven to be rehabilitated, I wouldn’t have gotten this far had it not been for Justice 4Housing.

The only people who seem to care about the forgotten population. I am truly grateful to have gained such an ally/ Advocate/ Supporter and voice for the unheard.

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If only we had more organizations that have the same morals and values when it comes to keeping families together with help providing them with stable housing.

I’m so forever grateful and for these reasons I will never forget who and where my help and support truly came from.

I always say God answers ALL prayers 🙏💯Prayers all goes to the all mighty Jesus Christ for sending a true organization such as Justice for Housing to not only assist me but to also guide me😉.

Please know I’m very grateful and and never forget where I come from. I’m certainly not where I once was before Justice of Housing became involved in my life. I can’t ever thank this organization enough for that.
Forever grateful,

Jamila Smith

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I am formerly incarcerated, from serving a 9 year prison sentence. I am now a client of Justice 4 Housing. Since becoming a client I have had a new level of support to combat the many illegal practices one like myself faces when it comes to finding adequate, suitable and affordable housing. Prior to becoming a client I had been searching for housing for about a year in which my criminal record was a constant barrier once meeting with landlords and real estate agents. I had reached out to several housing assistance services and organizations. none of which ever assisted me with anything that i couldn’t do myself. or I didn’t fit the ” Criteria” to 

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Thank you for you for your support