Justice 4 Housing

Introducing Our
1st Annual

Stable Housing and Reintegration Pilot program (SHARPP)


“We were able to break down barriers and have a meaningful conversation.”  

The Boston Housing Authority was able to grasp the value of lived experiences and the disproportionate impact of their exclusionary CORI policies on people of color as well as  the role of such policies in perpetuating systemic racism in the form of

  • Family Separation
  • Increase in FIP homelessness
  • Increase in recidivism rate, 32%
  • Rising healthcare cost


These are just a few of the collateral consequences PHA’s inflict on minority communities like ours.

​“It is a beautiful thing, once we were able to advocate for policy change, they realized we were not so different. BHA provided J4H with Section 8 Vouchers to be allocated to individuals returning to the community, homeless after incarceration.

This is a huge milestone for our community, Returning Citizens and for the City of Boston!

We are making a change; We are #DeCriminalizeHouisng!


○Introducing Our 1st Annual Stable Housing and Reintegration Pilot program (SHARPP)

A month ago we were adversaries, today we are partners.

"We applaud Boston Housing Authority for being the 1st Public Housing Authority in MA, to take a leap of faith, by providing formerly incarcerated people a 2nd chance.”
Leslie Credle
Executive Director

Provide, Ten 15 formerly incarcerated individuals with permanent Section 8 vouchers as well as 18 months of intensive case management and access to a myriad of reentry services. Participants, who will begin working with us before reentering the community, will be assisted with job placement, financial counselling, continuing education opportunities, transportation, homeownership training, and other services.

The Stable Housing and Reintegration Pilot Program

SHARPP Partners

Whitter Street Heath Center

“Become an exceptional community health provider that addresses health care inequities, closes gaps in life expectancy, and pursues social justice.”

Bank On Boston

 To link those seeking financial security and wealth generation with access to capital, financial education, and financial services.

Partakers Program

Urban Edge is dedicated to strengthening communities and families. Together, we build affordable housing and vibrant, prosperous neighborhoods.

Project Place

To end homelessness by providing pathways to attain jobs, housing and hope.

We Thank You, Boston Housing Authority for Believing in Us.


Stable Housing is the Key to a Successful Reentry


We Keep Families Connected


Permanent Stable Housing is the Path to End Incarceration

We Need a Safe Home to Heal From the Trauma of Incarceration



“Far From Home” Campaign

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