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Defending Oneself Against Systems of Power Workshops

June 8-29,2021

​Directly affected women learn how to represent themselves at Public Housing Authority appeal hearings. As well as how to collect mitigating factor evidence, healing from historical trauma, and leadership development. Our goal is to help women and their children, safe affordable housing, create independence and housing stability. Where women and their children are able to sustain themselves and their household.

​Cultivating each justice involved or formerly incarcerated women with community resources, organizing skills, tools and techniques needed to address housing discrimination and enabling women and their children to gain independence and a higher quality of life.

Held weekly, the workshops include facilitated healing activities, and opportunities to learn self-advocacy, community outreach awareness, how to prevent a justice-involved eviction, and domestic violence prevention, while defending oneself against systems of power,

​This intentional dialogue will provide opportunities for the targeted population to connect with other directly affected women head of households experiencing barriers to housing, many who are single mother heads of household.

  • Once completed the women will move on to phase II.
  • Women will become HOD Mentors.
  • Begin Hands On Defense curriculum trainings bi-weekly.
  • Once completed women will begin to train ally community organizations who seek to become part of our HOD Member Network
  • Were there any collateral consequences from being excluded from receiving public housing assistance?
  • Were you evicted because of a domestic violence or justice-involved encounter?
  • Were denied housing from a background check?
  • Did you receive housing despite having a criminal record?
  • Either way, we want to know if you had a positive or negative experience. What happened to you or your family?

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