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j4h Covid outreach

Advocates from “Families For Justice As Healing, New Beginnings Reentry Services and Justice 4 Housing, greet men who’s bail post by the Mass Bail Fund to provide COVID-19 personal protection equipment
The organizations share the same vision as their mentor Andrea Jamesend incarceration of women & girls.
“We want to provide “wrap around services for the most vulnerable population.”  Their aligned goal is to stope the cycle of recidivism and end incarceration of women.

We believe decarceration is the only skillful response to COVID-19 in congregate living situations like prisons and jails.

Justice 4 Housing a proud member of the People Not Prison’s Coalition, We support our community partner organization, Families For Justice As Healing and their successful decarceration efforts to introduce H.4652, an act to decarcerate amid COVID-19.

Our team recognized that incarcerated people would need more than policy advocacy to protect them from COVID-19. Therefore, adhering to CDC Guidelines, we protect our incarcerated incarcerated community, released on bail posted by the Massachusetts Bail Fund. Justice 4 Housing’s volunteers are onsite, to ensure men and women released protected from contracting COVID-19.

Our efforts distribute, PPE, sanitizer, clothing and emergency housing resources. We assure our constituents have a safe place to reside during the pandemic.


Hardest hit Massachusetts communities to receive $3.2 million for COVID-19 vaccine equity efforts

Coronavirus updates: One more week under state of emergency

We Did it Again!

We’re Back again! This time we bought our partners with us

Justice 4 Housing, the Mass Bail Fund, Brigham and Women’s Hospital launched the City of Boston COVID-19 education outreach and efficacy program. You can find us on-site at the Nashua Street, South Bay HOC and the Middleton Jail, providing COVID education and PPE to men and women bailed by the Mass Bail Fund. Brigham and Women’s Hospital is right by our side ensuring returning citizens know where to get the COVID vaccine and help scheduling appointments.

Harvard University

Inside Study

Justice 4 Housing partners with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University for the COVID-19 INSIDE study. Serving on the advisory committee and as an outreach partner, the survey consisted of COVID-19 testing data from incarcerated men in women throughout prisons across the country. Learn more about the study.

world peace foundation forgotten victims

Women & Covid-19 Behind Bars

Leslie Credle reached inside MA Women’s Prison MCI Framingham to capture the voices of the women, locked inside a cell for 23 hours a day for over a year. Working in collaboration with the World Peace Foundation. 

Leslie’s in-reach advocacy was invaluable. Hear the voices of lived experiences during the traumatic 23 hour lockdown period, the women incarcerated the prison. The research publication deriving from the voices inside  during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through Leslie, their voices were captured in the research article written by Bridget Conley is the Research Director of the World Peace Foundation