Justice 4 Housing


Justice 4 Housing is fighting to change housing polices that discriminate against people who are involved in the justice system and domestic violence victims.

We need your help to challenge legislation and policies which discriminate against you. We can win this fight by filling out any of the survey’s below. If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, we need you to fill out the survey which best fits your particular situation.​​

Incarcerated Survey

Did you or someone you love get stuck in prison after being granted parole? Forced to spend numerous more months or years behind the wall? Forced to complete a prison sentence? Told you could not be paroled to your loved ones residence because they receive housing assistance/section 8?

Formerly Incarcerated Survey:

Were you released from prison and told you could not reside with family/friend who receives housing assistance/section 8 because you are on Probation or Parole?

Did you/Are you returning home from prison, stuck in a halfway house? Forced to be homeless? Told you can not live with your loved one because they receive housing assistance/section 8 because you are on probation or parole; Not allowed to be on their lease? 

Domestic Violence/Leased Household Member Arrested

Are you a victim of domestic violence while receiving housing assistance/section 8? Are you in jeopardy of losing or have already lost your housing assistance due to domestic violence incident.


Are you in jeopardy of losing or already have lost housing assistance, do to yourself or a member of your household being entangled with the justice system/arrested?

Denied Housing Assistance, after waiting the required 5yr waiting period.

Did you re-apply for housing assistance and were denied after waiting(5-8)year waiting period, required by law to re-apply? Denied after a past termination for any reason?