Justice 4 Housing

Hands On Defense (HOD)

The Program

The Hands On Defense (HOD) Model is a participatory defense process that disrupts the discriminatory application screening processes of housing authorities to ensure fair housing decisions for formerly incarcerated and justice involved households. Our advocates and leaders support constituents who are being unfairly excluded from affordable housing to directly challenge the assumptions made by housing authorities based on unjust policies.

Peer Leadership

The HOD Model prioritizes the expertise and contributions of directly impacted people in expanding affordable housing opportunities for our constituents. HOD Peer Leaders are directly affected community members and former clients who have successfully reentered the community and desire to assist others in doing the same.

Our Peer Leaders

How to Avoid a Justice-Involved Eviction
Peer Leadership Training
Changing The Narrative
Healing Oneself from the Trauma of Incarceration

Client Testimonials

“I applied for Section 8 in 2010 while I was incarcerated and in June of 2021 I was granted housing. I was facing an interview with housing and, due to my current position of being a formerly incarcerated woman, Ms. Credle provided her incredible experience and utilized her skills and knowledge to help me obtain a spot in housing. Had it not been for her, I truly believe I would have not attained housing and the result would have been homelessness. We need more women like her.”

“Justice For Housing is the only agency I’ve ever gotten help from since I’ve been released. That’s why I always say thank you, I am grateful, and I appreciate everything – because I know, I really know, that I would not have any opportunity at housing without you.”
“After 6 years on a voucher waitlist and 22 years of homelessness, I was denied housing because of my criminal record. With Leslie and Justice For Housing’s help, I appealed the decision and was granted my voucher. Leslie and her organization have brought many formerly incarcerated women and men hope in the aftermath of doing time. We do everything to become productive members of society. With Justice For Housing, we have a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Justice 4 Housing is seeking applicants for the following positions:

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Justice 4 Housing is seeking interns for Fall 2022 in the following positions:

  • Hands On Defense Advocacy Intern (3)
  • Housing Navigation Intern (5)
  • Rental Assistance Intern (1)

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