Justice 4 Housing

stable housing

Our vision coming to fruition

This is a proposal to build 4 brand new homes for formerly incarcerated women and their children.  This is what different looks like!  Community taking care of community. Providing affordable and permanent housing solutions for justice involved and formerly incarcerated individuals. Breaking down barriers and creating equity, sustainability and wealth for those who have been oppressed and marginalized by systems of power.

Justice For Housing, Inc. aka “Justice 4 Housing”, proposes four single family homeownership townhouse units.  All affordable units sold to justice-involved, domestic violence involved or protective housing households with income of 70% AMI (1 units), 80% AMI (2 units) and 100% AMI ( 1 unit).  There is one parking space per unit, all parking and associated access is direct from Walter Street and located on-stie. The proposal calls for a 15’ landscape buffer to urban wild and includes shared green space.

"I would love to see some deeply affordable units. I would also love to prioritize families of color, given statistics that show that the median net worth of black families is $8 compared to over $200k for white families. If we want to be serious about a commitment to racial equity, this is an incredible opportunity to help black families build wealth in an already diverse and welcoming neighborhood."


J4H partnered with Whittier Street Health Center (WSHC). The focus will be to begin reversing the negative impact of racism on the mental, physical, and economic health of justice-involved women separated from their children during incarceration.  Family reunification requires that parents show housing that meets the needs of the children and that it is in the best interest of the children.  This requires a holistic approach and a support system which includes a focus on health equity and social justice. 


Stable Housing and Reintegration Pilot Program (SHARPP)

Providing Section 8 Vouchers for men and women returning to their community after incarceration. 

This pilot is intended for 18 months, enabling employment stability, family reunification and a safe home to heal from the trauma of incarceration.