Justice 4 Housing

hands on

The HOD Model is “a process designed to disrupt the process Public Housing Authorities use to exclude those with a criminal record.” 

The HOD program includes weekly community meetings, where the community comes together and strategizes the best outcome for the individual(s) facing loss of housing. As well as advocate for those with a criminal background who have been discriminated against due to a criminal record or domestic violence. 

A few of the ways we support you:

  • Loved one granted parole told they could not be released due to the released address receiving public housing assistance/Section 8?

  • Released from prison after a “House Check” was done by Probation/Parole, you are told you are not allowed to reside with family/friends receiving public housing assistance/section 8 because the Public Housing Authority will not add you to the lease.​

  • In jeopardy of losing or have already lost your housing assistance due to a domestic violence incident. ​

  • In jeopardy of losing or have already lost your housing assistance after you or a leased member of your household has been arrested?

  • Re-applied for public housing assistance and denied after (3-5) year waiting period.​

  • Denied after a past termination for any reason?

  • Denied public housing assistance based on a criminal background check.

  • Any person with a criminal record facing housing discrimination in any form from a private or public housing landlord.