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Mentor Our Girl Leaders

Become a Leadership Coach

We are looking for dedicated, focused, and committed professional women to serve as virtual Volunteer Leadership Coaches.

Coaches are asked to volunteer approximately 4 hours per month, from October 2021 until June 2022. Here’s an example of your monthly commitment as a Leadership Coach:

  • Week 1: 1 hour participating in monthly group mentoring sessions via Zoom every 1st Saturday, from noon EST until 1 PM EST.
  • Week 2: 1 hour of one-on-one mentorship with one Butterfly Dreamz intern, scheduled based on mutual availability. Our interns are high school girls and recent high school graduates.
  • Week 3: 1 ½ hours participating in monthly team meetings and trainings every 3rd Wednesday, from 6:30 PM EST until 8:00 PM EST.
  • Week 4: 30-minute check-in with the Butterfly Dreamz Social Worker to discuss your girl’s progress (if needed).

If you, or someone you personally know, is ready to make a positive impact in the life of a middle or high school girl, we would love to have you apply!