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What is Justice 4 Housing?

Justice 4 Housing is a grassroots organization committed to ending housing discrimination and homelessness for justice involved individuals impacted by domestic violence and incarceration. We operate from a people-led process to organize and advocate for housing rights, the abolishment of discriminatory federal, state, and local housing policies. We address the root cause of recidivism in correlation to homelessness, by delivering holistic and community-based solutions. 

We envision a world beyond incarceration in which: communities of color are invested in, rather than surveilled and incarcerated; all people have access to stable, permanent housing from which to pursue their dreams; and an end to structural racism. We are building a robust movement to re-invest in our communities.


The Problem Existing Public Housing Authority  policies and regulations unduly limit access to housing assistance among justice involved individuals and their families. These policies have a disparate impact on people of color who, despite making up only 17% of the percent of the state population, represent 50% of the incarcerated population. PHA policies restricting housing access to Justice Involved Individuals (JIIs) are harmful, discriminatory, and based on an antiquated view of the criminal justice system. 

Denying access to subsidized housing makes it more likely that these families will experience homelessness, unemployment, and ultimately criminal justice involvement, perpetuating a grim cycle of poverty and recidivism. When JIIs can’t find stable housing, they have a much harder time finding and keeping jobs, maintaining their health, and pursuing educational opportunities – the very things that make recidivism less likely, communities safer, and families healthier. 


“Justice 4 Housing’s Founder, and Executive Director. Leslie Credle is leading the crusade to dismantle antiquated and discriminatory housing policies that target justice-involved individuals that leads to homelessness, recidivism and the separation of families.

Leslie is the creator of the Hands-On-Defense model, which mobilizes communities to fight housing injustices. Committed to mentoring and movement building, she created a network of directly affected Peer-Leaders who educate communities about the collateral consequences of incarceration and housing insecurity. 

The recipient of the Criminal Justice Policy Coalition’s 2021 Peg Erlanger Leadership Award, presented by Congresswoman Ayanna Presley, and Boston Women’s Foundation’s, Women of Color Leadership Circle’s, 2021 Fellow, she became a fierce leader in the movement to end incarceration of women and girls. Leslie is passionate about creating homeownership opportunities and building generational assets and equity in minority communities.
Raised in Boston, her lived experience and the loss of her beloved daughter, Brianna became the inspiration for her systems-change work and social-justice advocacy. She has a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems from Northeastern University and is on the National Council For Incarcerated and Formerly Incarnated Women and Girls, #FreeHer Advisory Committee.”

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Hear from Our Clients

I’m a client of Leslie Credle, in which she has helped me to apply and be granted the opportunity to have section 8. I applied in 2010 while I was incarcerated and in 2021 of June I was granted housing.

I was facing an interview with housing and due to my current position of being a formerly incarcerated woman I along with Ms. Credle and her incredible experience of utilizing her skills and knowledge, l was able to obtain a spot in housing, had it not been for her I truly believe I would have not attained housing and the result would of been homelessness. 

I am greatly appreciative to her for helping me to the cause. We need more women like her. 

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I’d Like To Share What Justice 4 Housing Has Done For Me. I’m A Formally Incarcerated Woman That Served 10 Years Out of a Natural Life Sentence For 1st Degree Murder In 1991. I’m Also Was Formally a Domestic Violence Survivor. Being Back In Society For 22 Years…I Have Struggled With Homelessness Since I’ve Been Released. Finally, I Was Put on The Boston Housing Authority 6 Years Ago. Waiting Patiently for My Turn to Be Heard. My Name Finally Came Up….Only to Be Denied Housing Because Of My Criminal Record. I Had No Where to Turn. I Came to Justice 4 Housing 2 Weeks Before My Appeal Process. With Leslie’s Help Along with A Team of Other Entities…I Was Granted My Appeal. Leslie And Her Organization Has Brought Many of Formally Incarcerated Women & Men Hope In The Aftermath Of Doing Time. We Do Everything to Become Productive Members of Society. With Justice 4 Housing…We Have Light at The End of Tunnel.

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I am formerly incarcerated, from serving a 9 year prison sentence. I am now a client of Justice 4 Housing. Since becoming a client I have had a new level of support to combat the many illegal practices one like myself faces when it comes to finding adequate, suitable and affordable housing. Prior to becoming a client I had been searching for housing for about a year in which my criminal record was a constant barrier once meeting with landlords and real estate agents. I had reached out to several housing assistance services and organizations. none of which ever assisted me with anything that i couldn’t do myself. or I didn’t fit the ” Criteria” to receive their services. It is important to know that my motivation to be housed is not only for my own shelter, safety and peace of mind. I also have a 10 year old son currently in foster care, whom I am in pursuit of reunifying with and i cannot do so without Adequate housing. It wasn’t until I started receiving services from Justice 4 Housing, that I have finally seen results and strides towards my goal. Leslie Credle has personally handled my case herself every step of the way ensuring that I find stability in not only me but my child as well. Her passion and Relentless round the clock efforts has led to opportunities that would have never been granted, had she not highlighted the negligence of the people that are funded to aid individuals with circumstances such as mines. all while being completely underfunded herself. All in all, as a convicted felon starting from scratch struggling to obtain stability for me and my growing family as I continue to establish myself as a citizen returning back into society, proving to be rehabilitated. I wouldn’t have gotten this far had it not been for Justice 4Housing. the only people who seem to care about the forgotten population. and I am truly grateful to have gained such an ally/ Advocate/ Supporter and voice for the unheard.

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