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Stable Housing and Reintegration Program

“We Are Keeping Families Together”


Stable Housing and Reintegration Program

“We Are Keeping Families Together”


The Stable Housing and Reintegration Program (SHARP) is a multifaceted and comprehensive approach to reentry. SHARP addresses the needs of justice-involved individuals (JIIs) and formerly incarcerated people (FIPs) on a holistic level by providing a continuum of care and economic stability. The goal of SHARP is to build paths to homeownership for JIIs and FIPs, divest from inequitable, discriminatory systems, returning not just resources but control over these resources to the individuals most impacted by systemic racism.


Program Overview

We allocate subsidy vouchers to primarily, men and women who have children in the foster care system and the chronically homeless. Participants experience a focused vetting process as well as adhere to our internal program requirements. Individuals are eligible to apply to SHARP up to 3 years after their release date. The key program components include:
  • Assistance accessing physical and mental healthcare services
  • Personal banking assistance
  • Assistance setting up starter accounts
  • Financial advising
  • Case management and connection to community resources and public benefits
  • Job placement
  • 1st time home buyer education and placement
  • Peer support and community connection

Program Outcomes

0 %
of Participants housed
0 %
Participants who have recidivated
0 %
of Participants have an established relationship with a healthcare center
0 %
Participants have returned to homelessness

SHARP Application

*The SHARP Application is closed for Cohort 2*

Application Process

Step 1

Complete the SHARP application form. Click the “Apply Now!” button below to fill it out when you are ready.

Step 2

After submitting your SHARP application form, applicants must attend an informational session with J4H (dates and times will be emailed to you) in order to be considered for final acceptance into the program.

Step 3

After completing the form and informational session, you will be eligible for an interview for admission into SHARP. If you are not selected for the current cohort, you will be kept on our list for admission the following year.